Fanatics Sportsbook Texas Promo Code & Sportsbook Review

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Because of the size of the market, Texas sports betting is the white whale for sportsbooks across the country, and Fanatics Sportsbook certainly wants its share of the market whenever Texas sports betting becomes legal. As an established partner to major sports teams and leagues, Fanatics Sportsbook Texas has the potential to become a major player in The Lone Star State.

Fanatics Sportsbook Texas

Fanatics Sportsbook Texas Promos Table & Launch Updates: May 2024

We can't predict exactly what the Fanatics Sportsbook Texas bonus code will be, but we did provide some quick-hitting information in the table below:

πŸ“… Expected Launch:TBD
🎁 BetTexas Fanatics Promo Code:TBD
πŸ’° BetTexas Fanatics Bonus:TBD
πŸ“± App Ratings:4.8 (Apple) | 4.4 (Android)
βœ… Last Updated:May 8, 2024

Legislation Timeline at Fanatics Sportsbook Texas

Legislation in Texas to create legal sports betting in the Lone Star State has moved at a glacial pace, especially compared to Texas' neighbors. While New Mexico adopted sports betting in 2018 and Arkansas and Louisiana went live in 2022, online sports betting has made little progress in Texas.

That's because the Texas Senate remains firmly opposed to sports gambling, and Lt. Governor Dan Patrick has said he will not consider a bill without widespread Republican support. But some progress has been made; here's a look at some of the key developments. 

  • πŸ“† May 29, 2023: The Texas legislative session for 2023 ends. If no bill has passed the Texas House and Senate by this date, sports betting in Texas will be off the table until at least 2025.
  • πŸ“† April 2023: HB 1942, which would legalize sports betting in Texas, successfully makes it through committee, allowing the full Texas House to vote on it. However, lieutenant governor Dan Patrick warns there is no momentum for the bill in the Texas Senate.
  • πŸ“† November 2022: O'Rourke loses the election for governor to incumbent governor Greg Abbott, who comes out in favor of sports betting at destination casinos without endorsing statewide sports betting.
  • πŸ“† February 2021: State Rep. Dan Huberty (R-Fort Worth) sponsors a different bill, HB 2070, with the backing of the Dallas Cowboys, Texas Rangers, Dallas Mavericks, Dallas Stars, and FC Dallas. The bill would require all sportsbooks to partner with a Texas-based pro sports team or horse racing track in order to offer in-person and mobile sports betting.
  • πŸ“† January 2021: State Rep. Harold Dutton (R-Houston) files the first Texas sports betting bill and introduces HB 1121. This bill would establish a legal betting age of 18 and ban wagers on Texas college teams. The bill fails to advance out of committee.
  • πŸ“† November 2020: Texas state Rep. Joe Deshotel (D-Beaumont) files HB 477, which would allow retail casino gaming at nine different locations in Texas and Class III gaming. The bill does not advance out of committee.

What is the Fanatics Sportsbook Texas Promo Code?

Currently, no specific Fanatics Sportsbook Texas sportsbook promos exist, as the sportsbook is not live and will not go live until sports betting is legal in Texas. When Fanatics does go live, its promotional opportunities could take several forms. The most likely Fanatics Sportsbook Texas sportsbook promo code would include making a small wager and receiving bet credits with the player's first bet. That's proven popular with other sportsbooks, and it might be used again here.

Because of its relationships with professional sports teams, Fanatics Sportsbook Texas sportsbook promo codes could also include credits for official team apparel. For example, Fanatics makes and sells official Dallas Cowboys apparel, and offering free or discounted Cowboys gear could be an attention-getting promotion.

It's very likely that this operator launches with one of the best Texas sports betting promos on the market. 

How to Claim Fanatics Sportsbook Texas Promo Code? 

Once sports wagering in Texas is legalized, you'll be able to take advantage of Texas sportsbook promos through the Fanatics Sportsbook Texas betting app or the Fanatics Sportsbook website. Most likely, you'll either need to enter a specific Fanatics Sportsbook Texas sportsbook bonus code, or you'll automatically receive the promotion with your first qualified bet.

What to Know About Fanatics Sportsbook Texas Promo Code

Until the sportsbook goes live, the details about Fanatics Sportsbook Texas sportsbook bonuses won't be clear. Based off other sportsbook promos, there will likely be a minimum and maximum bet, with minimum odds and a time limit to claim your offer.

A May 2023 beta testing for Fanatics in Tennessee, where sports wagering is legal, included $210 in bonus bets without having to make a deposit. However, as this was Fanatics' first entry into the mobile sports betting business anywhere, that promotion might not be available when Texas gets its chance to place legal bets.

❓ Minimum BetTBD
❓ Maximum BetTBD
❓ Minimum OddsTBD
❓ Time Limits to Claim OfferTBD
❓ Maximum WinTBD

Do I Need a Fanatics Sportsbook Texas Promo Code? 

No, you don't need to use Fanatics Sportsbook Texas sportsbook bonus codes to play, but they can be a nice way to get started with legal sports betting. By taking advantage of these free bonus bets, you can make a few bets without having to risk much of your own money. If you've never placed a sports wager before, this can help you learn a few things about how sports betting works without putting your own money at risk.

Depending on the Fanatics sportsbook promo, Texas bettors might be able to afford to get risky. Let's say you really like the North Texas Mean Green to surprise California in their season opener, but you're a little skittish about risking real money on the upset. By using Fanatics sportsbook promo codes, Texas bettors can get bet credits that allow them to back an underdog in a low-risk, high-reward situation.

Comparing Fanatics Sportsbook Texas Promo Code to Other Sportsbooks

While we can't offer a full analysis of the Fanatics Sportsbook bonus Texas bettors might get until one goes live, we can look at other promotions to get an idea of what Fanatics Sportsbook might offer when it goes live. Here's a look at a few existing sportsbooks' promotions and how they might compare to a potential Fanatics Sportsbook Texas bonus bet.

Fanatics Sportsbook Texas Promo Code vs. FanDuel Sportsbook

Most likely, the Fanatics Sportsbook Texas bonus code will be similar to the FanDuel Texas promo, which has been used in other states to give $150 in bet credits with a customer's first bet. In order for a customer to claim this promotional offer, they must make a deposit, place a bet of at least $5 and see it through to get it graded.

Based on the beta app available in Ohio and Tennessee as of May 2023, it's possible that Fanatics sportsbook Texas promo codes might not even require a deposit. Users there received $210 in bet credits once they confirmed their location, which would be one of the most generous promotions in Texas or any state.

Even if a deposit is required to obtain $210 in Fanatics Sportsbook bonuses, Texas bettors new to Fanatics would still have one of the most user-friendly promos of any sportsbook.

Fanatics Sportsbook Texas Promo Code vs. Caesars Sportsbook

The Fanatics Sportsbook bonus might be friendlier to new players, as the likely Caesars Texas promo would see users receive their first wager back in bet credits if their first bet loses. This can be an ideal way for high rollers to make money by giving them two shots at a large wager, but most casual players aren't going to make a large bet on their first play.

Because of that, the likely Fanatics Sportsbook Texas bonuses favor newer players looking to get started. By giving free bet credits either upon sign-up or with the customer's first deposit, the sportsbook makes it easier for new players to examine their options and get started at a slower pace.

With Texas being the second-largest state in the nation, a welcoming promotion like that is a great way to get lots of customers started.

Latest Fanatics Sportsbook Texas Promos & Bonuses

Currently, any potential Fanatics Sportsbook Texas bonus is unknown. However, Fanatics released a beta testing version in Ohio and Tennessee in May 2023, which featured a promotional offer as well as access to the new sportsbook. It's too early to know if a Fanatics Sportsbook Texas promo code will use what the beta offered or go its own way, but here are a few possible promotions that might become available in the Lone Star State.

No-Deposit Welcome Bonus

This bonus was offered in the beta and gave users $210 worth of bet credits simply for signing up and confirming their location in the state where Fanatics Sportsbook intends to operate. If this is one of the Fanatics Sportsbook promotions Texas bettors get, it's likely to be very popular.

This bonus paid out as one credit worth $150, one worth $50 and one worth $10, giving new users multiple low-risk chances to get comfortable with betting on the Fanatics Sportsbook interface.

No other sportsbook offers a no-deposit welcome bonus, so if this becomes a Fanatics sportsbook promo code, Texas customers will have an option to try sports betting without risking their own money.

Place a Bet, Get Bet Credits

This is one of the most common promotions sportsbooks offer, and this could be a relatively simple Fanatics sportsbook bonus code Texas customers can use. With this promotion, customers place their first bet and get a set amount of bet credits determined by the sportsbook.

This promotion is popular because everyone gets the same amount of bet credits no matter how much they spent for their first bet. It's a good way for the sportsbook to treat everyone the same at the beginning by giving everyone the chance to place bonus bets regardless of their bankroll size.

First Deposit Match

This promotion would match the customer's first deposit after they entered in the required Fanatics sportsbook TX bonus codes, usually up to a certain amount. This promotion encourages customers to wait until they can afford a large deposit, as the amount you deposit determines how many bet credits you can obtain.

This promotion is much more popular with experienced or riskier bettors, as they're more willing to make a large deposit to take advantage of generous Fanatics sportsbook bonus codes. Texas bettors who aren't as experienced might not get as much out of this promotion as some other possibilities.

First Bet Insurance

This would be another straightforward Fanatics Sportsbook Texas promotion: provide bet credits attached to the first bet in the event of a loss. With this promotion, bettors would place their first bet and receive the amount of their wager in bet credits if their first bet is graded as a loss.

This promotion is an ideal fit for those who want to take a swing on a big payday on their first bet. Given that bettors only receive bet credits in the event of a loss, it's more suited for those with big bankrolls who can afford a large loss should their bet not cash.

Referral Promo

The Fanatics Sportsbook referral promotion isn't active yet, but most sportsbooks have used bet credits as a bonus when a player refers a friend to their sportsbook and completes the sign-up process. Because of its status as an official supplie of apparel and merchandise, Fanatics Sportsbook Texas bonus codes for referrals could include free jerseys, discounts on apparel, bet credits and more.

Fanatics Sportsbook Rewards Program

Based off the beta testing available in Tennessee and Ohio, this might be one of the strongest reasons that Fanatics Sportsbook TX promo codes become popular. The beta testing suggests that when users place a bet, 1% of their wager will be given to them as FanCash on single-action bets and 5% will be given as FanCash on parlay bets.

FanCash converts to credits for use on Fanatics' website, making this a fantastic promotion for Texas fans who want to purchase gear for their favorite teams. If you're interested in purchasing a new Houston Texans jersey, for example, placing bets during the NFL season can help you earn enough FanCash to get the jersey with your Fanatics Sportsbook rewards. This program won't be of much use for people who don't plan to purchase sports apparel, but if you're the type of sports fan who likes purchasing authentic sports items, this can be very beneficial.

Is There an Fanatics Sportsbook Texas NFL Promo? 

It's not clear if there will be official Fanatics Sportsbook promos Texas NFL fans can use, but it's highly probable. Fanatics is an official partner of both the Dallas Cowboys and the Houston Texans, and Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones is a noted supporter of sports betting. Jones has already partnered with the WinStar World Casino in Oklahoma, and would likely be interested in partnering with a Texas-based sportsbook, especially one with which he already has an existing relationship.

Who is the Fanatics Sportsbook Texas Partnership Promo With?

As the legislation is still taking shape, it's not yet clear who Fanatics Sportsbook Texas will need to partner with to comply with state legislation. Rep. Dan Huberty's bill suggested that sportsbooks would need to partner with one of Texas' four horse racing tracks or one of the state's 12 professional sports teams, but there's no inclination that provision made it into the current bill.

If Fanatics Sportsbook needs to partner with a professional team, it has existing relationships with four individual Texas-based teams: the NFL's Dallas Cowboys and Houston Texans, the Houston Dynamo of MLS and the Houston Dash of the NWSL. Fanatics also has existing relationships with MLB, the NBA and the NHL, so a Fanatics sportsbook promotion Texas fans get could also come through Fanatics' relationship with a league.

Get to Know the Fanatics Sportsbook Mobile App for Texas Bettors

The Fanatics Sportsbook mobile app currently exists only in beta mode in Ohio and Tennessee, so very few people have had a chance to try it. When it gets to Texas, it's likely to be more developed, but other Texas betting apps might have an edge based on years more experience operating in other states.

Currently, the app offers a clean interface with very little bells and whistles to distract the customer from the necessary information. It appears to have focused more on speed and reliability over offerings in its early stages, as it only offers NBA, MLB, NHL and golf wagers. This will likely increase as the app develops, but for now, it has chosen to focus on the most popular American summer sports.

Among Texas betting apps, the Fanatics sportsbook Texas app will likely be most popular with bettors who want to quickly get a bet in and get out. It offers information quickly through its schedule tab, which can make a big difference when placing a live bet.

Fanatics Sportsbook Texas doesn't yet have as many options for wagers as DraftKings, but it does offer easier access to wagers and a less cluttered home screen. That can be the difference in getting your number or not, as bets are often at the mercy of whether the bettor can get the wager placed before the number changes as new bets are taken.

What Makes the Fanatics Sportsbook App Stand Out?

One unique feature about the Fanatics Sportsbook app is that it includes the option for bettors to pre-load three distinct wagers. If you tend to bet the same amount every time you play, you can pre-load that amount in when you place a wager. The app will tell you exactly how much you'll win off that wager amount, and all you'll have to do is hit one button to place your bet. It can be a great time saver if you're someone who bets in units. This feature should help make it one of the most popular Texas betting apps on the market. 

Do I Have to Download the Fanatics Sportsbook App?

Downloading the Fanatics Sportsbook app is completely optional, but when you're on the go, it can be much easier than using the mobile site or desktop. During times before games, the site can get overloaded with people trying to place a wager, and the app tends to be a more reliable choice to get your bet in during the minutes before the event starts. The app is also designed to work with your phone's operating system, as opposed to the mobile site being a one-size-fits-all choice for both iOS and Android customers.

Like with other states, you'll need to be physically located in Texas to place a bet with Fanatics Sportsbook in Texas. The app can help make that process faster by confirming your location much quicker than your computer can.

Fanatics Sportsbook Texas Technical Info 

The app remains in beta mode, so details are scarce and downloads have not yet occurred anywhere. When the application does go live, it's likely to include the option for two-factor authentication and other security features to protect users' information. It will include geolocation software to confirm users are located in Texas before they're allowed to place bets.

Positives of the Fanatics Sportsbook App

  • βœ… The layout is very clean; the information is presented in an easy-to-use layout
  • βœ… Live bets are available at the top of the screen; it's easy to find the wagers you want to make
  • βœ… Pre-loaded wagers make it easy to consistently bet your unit amount

Negatives of the Fanatics Sportsbook App

  • ⬇️  The app has had a couple issues with crashing, although it is still in the beta testing phase.
  • ⬇️  Options for making sports wagers are a bit limited while the app is in beta testing
  • ⬇️  Users have had trouble getting the app to open properly after downloading an update

How to Download Fanatics Sportsbook Betting App

Once the app goes live, users will be able to visit the App Store on iOS or the Google Play Store on Android and download the Fanatics Sportsbook betting app. In order to place wagers via the app, users will need to have an account with Fanatics and be located in Texas.

How to Sign Up for a Fanatics Sportsbook Texas Betting Account

Signing up for Fanatics Sportsbook Texas should be fairly straightforward when the sportsbook becomes legal and goes live. You don't have to be a resident of Texas to sign up as long, but you must be located in Texas to sign up.

  • 1️⃣ Go to the Fanatics Sportsbook website or open the app and click on Join.
  • 2️⃣ Enter your personal information. This includes your name, address, Social Security number, date of birth and e-mail address.
  • 3️⃣ Enter any Fanatics Sportsbook Texas promo code to claim your bonus.
  • 4️⃣ Choose a user name and password for your account
  • 5️⃣ Make your first deposit.
  • 6️⃣ Check out the available wagers and place a bet.

Get to Know Fanatics Sportsbook Texas: Operator Review

It's difficult to give a complete Fanatics Sportsbook Texas sportsbook review at this time, because the details of the sportsbook are still being figured out. Based on what we know from the beta launch, we can expect the inclusion of a few features that will likely prove popular with bettors.

Fanatics Sportsbook Texas Betting Site Features

Live Betting

Live betting has become one of the most popular ways to bet, and Fanatics Sportsbook has live bettors in mind with its site design. Live betting options are arranged at the top of the page so that it's easy to find live bets without scrolling through several other contests. Fanatics' live betting options compare favorably to BetMGM's because of its pre-loaded wagers, which allow customers to get bets in quickly to take advantage of live lines.

Schedule Button 

Scrolling through different sports can sometimes be difficult at certain sportsbooks. Fanatics Sportsbook makes things much simpler by including a schedule button at the bottom of the page. This allows users to easily toggle through sports to find the game that interests them. If you know you want to bet on a certain sport, this can make finding your bet really simple.


Carrying a trusted name in the apparel world has its benefits. Fanatics' plan to offer FanCash as a reward with every bet is ideal for sports fans who love purchasing merchandise and memorabilia. With every bet you make, you get a percentage credited back to you in FanCash. If you're going to buy jerseys, shirts, hats and more, making sports bets is a great way to get them with reward credits.

Banking Options for Fanatics Sportsbook Texas Users

Banking will be an important part of the user experience for Fanatics Sportsbook Texas. It's too early to know for sure what forms of banking will be accepted, but it's a pretty safe guess that online banking and major credit cards will be among the options.

    Deposit Methods: 

    Deposit methods haven't yet been determined for Fanatics Sportsbooks. However, based on competitors' offerings, it's likely that credits will appear instantly in your account and you won't be charged a fee on your deposits.

    • Process time: TBD (likely instant)
    • Minimum deposit: TBD
    • Maximum deposit: TBD
    • Accepted credit and debit cards: TBD. Fanatics accepts Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express for apparel, but this doesn't ensure all of those methods will be accepted for sports wagers.

    Withdrawal Methods:

    Withdrawal options will likely include online banking, debit cards, credit cards and PayPal. Fanatics has existing relationships with all of these, and many competitors already offer withdrawals through these services.

    • Fees: TBD
    • Process time: TBD
    • Minimum withdrawal: TBD
    • Maximum withdrawal: TBD
    • Accepted credit and debit cards: TBD

    How Long Does a Fanatics Sportsbook Withdrawal Take?

    When the Fanatics sportsbook launches, withdrawals will likely be processed in 2 to 4 business days. That's standard for the industry, and as a newer sportsbook, Fanatics will probably want to lean toward the quicker end of the spectrum.

    Does Fanatics Sportsbook Cash Out Instantly?

    When you cash out a bet, your winnings are instantly added to your account. They'll be ready to use for your next wager.

    Can I Use CashApp at Fanatics Sportsbook?

    Probably not. Most legal sports betting options do not accept CashApp to fund your account. Fanatics Sportsbook might opt to change that, but it seems unlikely.

    Can I Use Paypal or Venmo Fanatics Sportsbook?

    Given that Fanatics already accepts PayPal to purchase apparel, there's a good chance Fanatics Sportsbook Texas will accept PayPal for deposits. Venmo remains anyone's guess at this time, but given how many competitors accept it, it's very possible.

    What Can I Bet on at Fanatics Sportsbook Online in Texas?

    Currently, Fanatics Sportsbook doesn't have quite as many options for betting as competitors in the state. You will find bets available on the major American sports, such as the NHL, NBA, MLB, NFL, golf and college sports. However, you won't find offerings for soccer or niche sports. This might change as the sportsbook develops, but it appears that Fanatics has chosen to focus on major sports as it gets started.

    Popular Bet Types Available at Fanatics Sportsbook Texas

    Fanatics Sportsbook Texas will offer Lone Star State customers a wide range of betting options in several popular sports. These bet types will include the following (and more): 

    Texas Point Spread Betting

    Point Spread

    If you're betting on the favorite, you'll start with a deficit that must be covered in order to win. If you're betting on the underdog, you'll receive extra points toward their final score.

    Texas Moneyline Betting

    Point Spread

    The simplest bet there is. If your team wins, your bet wins. If not, your bet loses.

    Texas Futures Betting


    Do you expect a high-scoring game or a defensive battle? Bet on whether the game will see more or less points than the expected number.

    Texas Fanatics Futures


    Do you think the Cowboys can win the NFC East? Do you think the Texans will struggle to win five games? These are season-long bets, judged at the end of the year.

    Software at Fanatics Sportsbook Texas

    The app and software is designed with a fairly basic appearance, which emphasizes ease of information. Fonts are designed in a simple, eye-pleasing manner that makes it easy for bettors of all skill levels to find desired wagers.

    Stay Safe at the Texas Fanatics Sportsbook

    Fanatics Sportsbook will be fully licensed and comply with any rules set by the State of Texas whenever sports betting becomes legal. Players can only have one account and must meet age requirements and use their legal name to play. All wagers must be placed in Texas, and players will have the option to choose a unique user name and password to protect their accounts.

    How to Contact Fanatics Sportsbook in Texas

    Once Fanatics Sportsbook goes live, support should be easily available.

    • πŸ’¬ Live chat is available through the site and app
    • πŸ“§ Email: TBD
    • πŸ“± Phone: 855-438-9701
    • πŸ’­ Languages: Fanatics runs its site in English and 11 other languages.
    • πŸ¦β€β¬›Twitter: @FanaticsSupport

    Fanatics Sportsbook Texas vs. Other Sportsbooks in Texas

    Fanatics Sportsbooks looks like it's going to be a strong competitor in terms of promotions and bonuses. If it's going to compete long-term with established names, Fanatics Sportsbook Texas bonus codes will likely be its path to success.

    Juice does need to be addressed; juice can be around -140 for MLB and NHL events, as opposed to -120 at other sportsbooks.

    Live betting is one of the easiest experiences at this sportsbook compared to competitors.

    If Fanatics Sportsbook expands its offerings to match those of DraftKings, it's likely to provide users with a solid experience. Right now, it's still in the early stages, but it must expand offerings over time beyond its strong Fanatics Sportsbook promo Texas offerings.

    Pros & Cons of Fanatics Sportsbook Online


    • ⨁ Easy to use app that provides plenty of information on wagers
    • ⨁ Likely to offer one of the most generous welcome offerings of any sportsbook
    • ⨁ Excellent rewards system with FanCash given on every bet


    • βŠ– Lack of offerings in niche sports; action limited to the biggest name sports
    • βŠ– Juice can be a bit high on MLB and NHL moneyline action

    Responsible Gambling at Fanatics Sportsbook Texas

    Even though Fanatics Sportsbook isn't yet live in Texas, there are still several options for people to ensure that they gamble responsibly when the time comes. If you believe that you migh have a problem with gambling, you can call the National Problem Gambling Helpline at 1-800-522-4700. You can also set limits on your deposits and wagering amounts if you need assistance managing your risk level.

    Our Final Conclusion of this Fanatics Sportsbook Texas Review

    From the early appearances, Fanatics Sportsbook looks like it's going to be one of the more bettor-friendly sportsbooks available when it goes live in Texas. It doesn't currently offer enough sports options for niche players, but casual bettors will find plenty of choices to make their plays on popular events.

    Fanatics' partnerships with existing teams and leagues could result in several unique Fanatics Sportsbook Texas promo codes, and its ability to offer FanCash helps it stand out with a completely unique rewards system.

    It's still very early in the process, which is a major reason why its sports offerings don't yet compare to more established outfits such as BetMGM. But with what appears to be a generous Fanatics Sportsbook Texas bonus code and a user-friendly app, the pieces are in place for Fanatics to become a major player in Texas when it goes live.

    Fanatics Sportsbook Texas Frequently Asked Questions


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