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Key Takeaways

  • 🏆 The Texans Super Bowl odds are +2800, per DraftKings Sportsbook.
  • 🔮 Using implied probability, Houston has a 3.5% chance of winning Super Bowl 58.
  • 📉 The Houston Texans have the longest Super Bowl odds among the remaining playoff teams.

The Houston Texans put on a dominating performance over the Cleveland Browns in a game they controlled from beginning to end. Having secured a first round win, Houston will now travel to Baltimore to take on the No. 1 seed in the AFC.

I'll be following the Texans' odds to win the Super Bowl all season, so be sure to bookmark this page and check back each week for news and updates surrounding Houston's postseason hopes.

What are the Latest Odds for the Texans to Win the Super Bowl?

Here are the odds for the Houston Texans when it comes to their potential for postseason success, per DraftKings Texas Sportsbook. With the division already won, the most common futures betting markets will be limited to the Super Bowl winner and conference champions.

👑 Texans Super Bowl Odds+2800
🏆 Odds to Win AFC+1100
Data Last Verified:June 5, 2024

Although Houston demolished Cleveland last week and the Texans' futures odds have improved, it doesn't seem as though sportsbooks are buying into this team. Last week, the Texans' AFC Championship odds were +1500 and those odds improved marginally to +1100. Compared to the rest of the AFC, however, Houston is a clear afterthought in the eyes of oddsmakers. For reference, the Ravens, Bills, and Chiefs have AFC odds of +115, +235, and +320, respectively.

When it comes to the Texans' playoff chances of beating the Ravens, those odds aren't looking promising either, as Houston find themselves as 9.5-point underdogs.

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Texans Week-by-Week Super Bowl Odds

In the chart below I'll be tracking the Texans' Super Bowl odds each week as the season continues to progress.

WeekTexans' SB 58 Odds
Week 1    +20000
Week 2+30000
Week 3+40000
Week 4+30000
Week 5+15000
Week 6+13000
Week 7+10000
Week 8+10000
Week 9+12000
Week 10+12000
Week 11+9000
Week 12+6000
Week 13+7500
Week 14+3500
Week 15+6000
Week 16+5500
Week 17+8000
Week 18+7500
Week 19 (Super Wild Card Weekend)+5000
Week 20 (Divisional Playoff Round)+2800

Although the Texans' Super Bowl odds are the shortest they've been all year, it's important to remember much of this is due to the field being cut from 32 teams down to 8. Even at +2800, the Texans have the longest odds to win the Super Bowl among the 8 remaining teams. 

Earlier in the week, Houston's Super Bowl odds were +2500, which means their odds have lengthened even further in just the past few days.

Texans vs. Ravens Playoff Odds

Part of the reason the Texans' Super Bowl odds are as long as they are is because they're running into a road matchup with the No. 1 seed in the AFC and are heavy underdogs. The spread for the Ravens-Texans game opened at 9.5 in favor of Baltimore and we've seen that fluctuate between 9 and 9.5 for most of the week.

Here are the current betting odds for Texans @ Ravens from DraftKings Sportsbook as of January 18:

  • Ravens-Texans Spread: Texans +9.5
  • Ravens-Texans Moneyline: BAL (-425), HOU (+330)
  • Ravens-Texans Total: 43.5

There are a few interesting notes and betting info coming from this game. First, Lamar Jackson is just 1-9 in games where the Ravens are favored by 7 or more. The "public" is also on the Texans' spread as they had received the highest percentage of bets earlier in the week.

Not only are the Texans receiving a large amount of spread bets, but C.J. Stroud and Nico Collins are popular player prop options as well:

A popular sentiment in betting circles is to "fade the public". If that holds true here, it could potentially be an ugly day for Houston.

Latest Updates Impacting Texans Odds to Win the Super Bowl

Here are the latest pieces of news impacting the Texans' Super Bowl odds:

  • 📆 January 14, 2024: The Texans take care of business at home and will advance in the playoffs after beating the Browns 45-14.
  • 📆 January 8, 2024: Houston will host Cleveland in the Super Wild Card round of the playoffs. The Texans are currently 2-point home underdogs.
  • 📆 January 7, 2024: Thanks to Jacksonville losing to Tennessee, the Texans win the AFC South and get the No. 4 seed.
  • 📆 January 6, 2024: Houston secures a win in the final minutes of their game against Indianapolis, punching their ticket to the playoffs.
  • 📆 December 18, 2023: Head coach DeMeco Ryans announced quarterback C.J. Stroud remained in concussion protocol.
  • 📆 December 17, 2023: Houston picks up an important divisional road win, beating the Titans with the help of veteran QB Case Keenum.
  • 📆 December 17, 2023: The Texans weren't able to play wide receiver Nico Collins as he was dealing with a calf injury.
  • 📆 December 16, 2023: The Texans lost cornerback Tavierre Thomas for the season as he was placed on injured reserve.
  • 📆 December 10, 2023: With Houston losing to the lowly New York Jets 30-6, the team's postseason odds have lengthened across the board.
  • 📆 December 5, 2023: The Texans placed wideout Tank Dell on the injured reserve. His season is over.

We'll keep you up to date on all of the most important information impacting the Texans' 2024 Super Bowl odds and season, so be sure to bookmark this page and check back regularly.

Key Contributors Toward Texans Super Bowl Odds

The Houston Texans have been one of the most surprising teams this season and a lot of that can be attributed to first-year head coach Demeco Ryans and rookie quarterback C.J. Stroud. Not only has Stroud played above expectations, but he's been one of the best quarterbacks across the league. Despite missing two games due to a concussion, Stroud finished the regular season with the eighth-most passing yards and was first in passing yards per game. He's done this having dealt with a rotating door of offensive linemen and a pass-catching group that had their fair share of injuries as well. Stroud will need to continue to put the team on his back with the help of Nico Collins who has crushed all of his previous year's highs in every counting stat.

Defensively, the Texans have been crushed by injury all year but have generally done enough to keep the team competitive and give Stroud a shot. The team will have to come up with enough stops and force a timely turnover or two if Houston is going to progress past the first round of the playoffs.

Where Can I Bet on the Texans to Win the Super Bowl?

You can bet on the Texans to win the Super Bowl at most major sportsbooks, including DraftKings, BetMGM, Caesars, and FanDuel. Make sure to only trust legal sportsbooks when looking for odds. 

Unfortunately for fans of the team living in the state, Texas sports betting is not currently legal and frankly isn't close to launching. It can be tempting to sign up for an offshore sportsbook, but we strongly advise against that. Because offshore sportsbooks have no oversight, there's no protection for you as a customer. These betting sites can sell your personal information, deny withdrawals, and close out your account with no recourse.

It's not fun, but you'll either have to wait for legal sports betting to come to Texas or travel to another state to get any action in on the Texans.

Texans 2024 Super Bowl Outlook and Predictions

The Texans are already playing with house money when it comes to the playoffs. While some fans and media members might have thought this team wouldn't be as bad as most were predicting, nobody saw a 10-win, AFC South title season as the outcome.

Having said that, we've seen teams get hot at the right time and go on Cinderella-type runs and this team could certainly fit that bill. Realistically, however, I think Houston could pull off a win at home against Cleveland and then fall in the divisional round of the playoffs. It's going to be difficult for this team to be strong enough defensively for four quarters to keep the top AFC offenses in check which I believe will ultimately be their undoing.

Texans Super Bowl History

The Houston Texans have been in existence since 2002. Houston was awarded an expansion team less than a decade after the Houston Oilers moved to Tennessee. The Texans are set to play their 21st season in the NFL.

Have the Texans Ever Won the Super Bowl?

No, the Houston Texans have never won the Super Bowl. The Texans are one of the 12 teams to have never won a Super Bowl. The organization has been around since 2002 when they played their first season. They have won six division titles but zero Super Bowls.

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How Many Super Bowls Have the Houston Texans Won?

The Houston Texans have won zero Super Bowls. Houston has won the AFC South six times in the organization's 20 seasons, but they have zero Super Bowl wins.

Which Years Did the Texans Go to the Super Bowl?

The Houston Texans have never gone to the Super Bowl.

How Many Times Have the Texans Been to the AFC Championship Game?

The Houston Texans have never been to the AFC Championship Game. The closest the team came was in 2019 when they led the Kansas City Chiefs 24-0 in the Divisional Round of the playoffs, but the Texans lost that game.

Texans Preseason Super Bowl Odds Every Year Since 2002

The Houston Texans have had relatively long Super Bowl odds in the franchise's short history. The Texans sat at +20000 prior to the 2023 season starting, which is actually an improvement on where they were the two previous seasons.

Here's a look at where their odds sat in the preseason every year since becoming an NFL franchise. 

📆 2022-2023Preseason Odds = +30000
📆 2021-2022Preseason Odds = +30000
📆 2020-2021Preseason Odds = +5000
📆 2019-2020Preseason Odds = +5000
📆 2018-2019Preseason Odds = +1200
📆 2017-2018Preseason Odds = +4000
📆 2016-2017Preseason Odds = +1600
📆 2015-2016Preseason Odds = +4000
📆 2014-2015Preseason Odds = +3000
📆 2013-2014Preseason Odds = +1400
📆 2012-2013Preseason Odds = +1000
📆 2011-2012Preseason Odds = +2800
📆 2010-2011Preseason Odds = +3300
📆 2009-2010Preseason Odds = +4000
📆 2008-2009Preseason Odds = +7000
📆 2007-2008Preseason Odds = +10000
📆 2006-2007Preseason Odds = +10000
📆 2005-2006Preseason Odds = +7000
📆 2004-2005Preseason Odds = +7000
📆 2003-2004Preseason Odds = +20000
📆 2002-2003Preseason Odds = +20000

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