Best Texas Sports Betting Apps: TX Sportsbook App Reviews and 2023 Launch Updates

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It's full steam ahead in the Lone Star State as we move toward legalizing Texas sports betting. Several local major sports teams will be looking to get in on the act and form an alliance with operators as sportsbooks take off, so what Texas betting apps should we be looking out for?

Best Texas Sports Betting Apps: March 2023 Rankings

All the major operators will be looking to enter the Texas sports betting app market and mobile sports betting looks set to explode. With so much in-state competition likely to pop up at launch, bettors might need some help choosing which Texas betting app is right for them. We broke it down below:

🥇 1. BetMGM Betting AppBest Overall Choice
🥈 2. Caesars Betting AppBest For Odds Boosts
🥉 3. DraftKings Betting AppBest For Promotions
📱 4. FanDuel Betting AppBest For Live Streaming
📱 5. PointsBet Betting AppBest For Innovative User Experience
📱 6. Barstool Betting AppBest For Prop Betting
📱 7. WynnBET Betting AppBest For Profit Boosts
Rankings Last Updated:March 24, 2023

Expect no less than the best from whatever Texas sportsbook app you choose. Our rankings inform you with everything you need to know about mobile sports betting in the near future; regulated Texas online betting apps look set to become the new normal. 

Best Overall Texas Betting App – BetMGM

This mobile sports betting app is active in 20 states across the US and the number is rising steadily. With the operator's M-rewards program in tow, this online sportsbook offers the best rewards and perks in the sports betting industry. Earn tier and reward credits through wagering on the BetMGM Texas app or the betting site and climb up the tiers to benefit from the very best online sportsbook rewards. 

You will also find all of the important features available and done to perfection here. From the bonus bet offers to the app experience itself, this is one of the best mobile betting apps available in The Lone Star State.

Top Texas Sports Betting App for Odds Boosts – Caesars

This operator is live in 17 states and it's a live mobile betting experience you won't forget when it goes live in The Lone Star State. Apart from one of the best sign-up bonus offers in the industry, this online sportsbook will be one of the betting apps in Texas to download for action on sporting events, and plenty of it. A selection of odds boosts is offered daily on all the popular sports and featured games, and enhanced odds are even offered on the top college sports such as NCAAB and NCAAF. Check out the Caesars Texas app and you'll find a myriad of promos and boosted odds at launch. 

Best Texas Betting App For Promotions – DraftKings

This mobile betting app is live in 20 states; more states like Texas will be added to the portfolio with sports betting legal soon. The app will be one of the best Texas sports betting apps all around, but it stands out in Promotions and Boosts. A myriad of sign-up bonuses and Texas mobile betting bonuses will be available to Texas sports bettors.

Watch out for games featuring local and major sports teams such as the Texas Longhorns, the Texas Rangers or the Dallas Cowboys, when you'll see matchday and seasonal promos including the odds boosts. The DraftKings Texas app also offers a variety of free-to-play competitions with cash prizes to be won.

Top Texas Sportsbook App For Live Streaming – FanDuel

The sportsbook is now live online in 18 states and the FanDuel Texas betting app will be one to download and add to the portfolio. FD is arguably the biggest betting brand in the US alongside DK and the two sportsbooks are quite similar in terms of the bonuses, promotions, and the sports betting product they offer. 

Both operators offer great live betting and live streaming products, as both are aiming to be the market leader in those fields. You'll need to create an FD account to access the live games where you can bet on a wide selection of in-running markets. Maybe you fancy a live betting wager on the Dallas Mavericks at good value NBA betting odds? You can be sure this app will live stream the best pictures to your mobile device in real-time.

Best Innovative User Experience For Texas Betting Apps – PointsBet

This operator's signature product, Points Betting, is a way to bet that is unique to this sportsbook and app. It's live in 14 states. Win bigger the more you are right, but be careful to limit your losses as things can get slippery if you're not. Points Betting works like spread betting in Europe and you can set win and loss limits for extra security.

An example of the way it works is if you make a totals wager, take the over, and win, your winnings are multiplied by the number of points the Total is exceeded by. So, if you beat the total by fifteen points, you'll win 15x the value of your stake you bet. We also have innovative features like lightning bets and booster tokens to try at this betting operator. Lightning bets are in-play real time prop betting markets. SGPs and partial cash out are also good features of the PointsBet Texas app.

Top Texas Sportsbook App For Props – Barstool

The Barstool Sportsbook Texas app thrives in innovative prop bets and live betting whether you fancy a first goal scorer or a last touchdown scorer in the major leagues NFL betting, or maybe you like Jabari Smith to be MVP in a Houston Rockets game. You'll likely find markets on this app that you won't find anywhere else. We may even be able to make a few horse prop bets at Sam Houston Race Park!

Best Texas Sports Betting App For Profit Boosts – WynnBET

Other than the free bet promos, the WynnBET Texas app's odds boosts give the sports bettor the opportunity to make more on their wagers when the bet wins by enhancing the odds. We generally see in the region of 20-25% added to the odds of wagers or returns on parlay bets which can put the value on the punter's side. We usually see daily odds boosts on major featured games. We also see parlay bonus boost offers which give a chance for sports bettors to increase their pay-outs on certain parlays.

Are Sports Betting Apps Legal in Texas?

Texas sports betting apps are not yet legal, and they won't be until a sports betting bill is passed in the State. Online gambling will soon be a thing in the Lone Star state, though, with the sports betting bill being discussed. So, licensed and regulated sportsbooks and mobile betting apps will soon be a reality in Texas, in all likelihood. 

How Many Texas Sportsbook Apps Will Be Available?

All the big brand Texas online sportsbooks should go live and several of them will be looking to get a legal sports betting app on the market, but it's unclear how many licenses will be given out. Given the size of the market, it's safe to say most of the top operators will make it a priority to launch a Texas sports betting app. 

Can You Use Multiple Betting Apps In Texas?

There's no limit to how many sports betting apps in Texas you can download if there is space on your mobile device. It can pay to have several sports apps on hand for the best mobile betting experience. We can line shop for the best odds and value on our Texas mobile betting apps. It's also quick and efficient if we are betting on mobile, and we can place a live bet in no time.

Texas Sportsbook Apps: Best App Store Ratings

Checking the ratings before downloading an app can be important to give you a heads up on how the general public feels about the operator. The size of the welcome bonus and concepts such as responsible gambling will all be baked into the ratings of sports betting apps in Texas.

Reviews and scores can vary by state depending on the betting operator and the app. But here's a quick breakdown of the ratings for each major operator: 

BetMGM4.8 (Apple)4.4 (Android)
Caesars4.6 (Apple)4.5 (Android)
DraftKings4.9 (Apple)4.6 (Android)
FanDuel4.8 (Apple)4.7 (Android)
PointsBet4.8 (Apple)4.7 (Android)
Barstool4.8 (Apple)3.0 (Android)
WynnBET4.7 (Apple)4.1 (Android)

How To Download And Install Texas Sports Betting Apps

Downloading legal sports betting in Texas apps is simple. We can do it straight from several operator's betting sites if we scroll down to the bottom of the homepage and click the download buttons. Alternatively, we can go straight to the Apple store or Google Play store to download the iOS or android versions. We'll show you step-by-step how to download your Texas sports betting app in the following section of our review.

How To Download Apple iOS Betting Apps In Texas 

Follow our step-by-step guide to downloading the best sports betting apps in Texas:

  1. ✅ Open the iOS Apple store on your mobile device or click the iOS download button on the betting site.
  2. ✅In the app store search for the betting site you want.
  3. ✅Click into the page of the app you want and scan the reviews.
  4. ✅Download the betting app by clicking the button.
  5. ✅Open the app and register a betting account

How To Download Android Sports Betting Apps In Texas 

  1. ✅Open the Google Play store on your mobile device or click the Android download button on the betting site.
  2. ✅Search for the Texas betting site app you want in the google play app store.
  3. ✅Click into the page you want and scan the ratings and reviews (optional).
  4. ✅Download the Texas sports betting app by clicking 'get' now.
  5. ✅Fire up your account and deposit funds to wager.

State-Specific Texas Betting Apps vs. Universal Betting Apps 

Most betting operators use a universal sportsbook app that's free to download for anyone, but some states have specific apps exclusive to them. You have to be within state lines to bet but you can actually download a universal betting app (but not play) in a state where online sports betting in not legal yet.

The main difference here is that state-specific apps might offer different promos like seasonal promos or features and promotions on local professional teams like the Rockets, Astros, or Texans. If you have another state app downloaded and are physically located in Texas when online betting is live, you can use this version of the app.

What Are The Rules And Regulations For Downloading A Texas Sports Betting App?

When you are downloading a sports betting app in Texas you must be within the state lines to be able to wager. You can download the betting app with a view to just browse if the app is universal and sports betting is not yet legalized in the state, for example. In Texas, 21 years of age or older is the requirement for legal sports betting. It is commonly recommended to stay away from VPNs and offshore betting sites.

Do I Have to Download a Texas Sportsbook App If I Want To Bet?

The short answer is no. You can bet at Texas sportsbooks when they are live on desktop, or you can bet on the mobile version of the desktop without needing to download the app. The best sports betting in Texas experience will require an app if you want things to be as smooth as possible, and especially if you like your live NFL or NBA betting for example. Or you might want a bet on the MLB when you're at a Texas Rangers game. You can grab that sign up bonus on desktop or mobile too so don't sweat it.

Texas Sportsbook Apps vs. Desktop Betting & Mobile Web Betting

Betting on a desktop from the comfort of your own home can be great if you have time and like a bigger screen for your browsing experience. It's safe, secure, and it's familiar betting on the laptop. However, betting sites are being optimized more towards mobile betting and apps nowadays rather than the desktop site.

Betting on-the-go on a mobile device is easy, convenient, quicker than the desktop, and all the betting apps are very efficient. You can place a bet at any time, anywhere on a Texas sports betting app. Using sports betting apps might be more beneficial than loading up the laptop as pocket sized betting is the way forward.

In-Person Betting At Texas Retail Casino 

If you fancy getting away from the monotony of everyday life, having an out like a physical land-based Texas sportsbook around can be beneficial. Several reasons for this include higher betting limits, offers and promotions, watching the game live, and interaction with other Texas bettors and staff. Some players also benefit from VIP treatment at the sportsbooks. If you're live betting in Texas in person, several Texas casinos will be fitted with a sportsbook and bar where you can relax, have a drink and watch the game. It's great socially, and we can also get our winnings paid immediately and don't need to fund any accounts. Older bettors might appreciate this more!

Should I Download a Texas Sports Betting App Before Going To A Retail Casino?

We might choose to download a betting app before going to the live land-based sportsbook. There are a variety of reasons why me might to do this to make our trip to the casino and sportsbook more comfortable and relaxing.

Are Promotions Available On Texas Sportsbook Apps?

All welcome bonuses and deposit bonuses are available on Texas sports betting apps. Not only this but some betting sites will offer added exclusive mobile-only bonuses and promotions on their betting app. This is to help sway Texas sports bettors to download the app on Android or iPhone. Extra bonuses and promotions can come in the form of seasonal promos on whatever sport is in-vogue on the calendar, or odds boosts on featured local sports teams, and more. Texas sportsbook promos will take off as books go live.

Features To Look For In A Texas Sportsbook App

When choosing a Texas sports betting app there are several key areas to look out for. The best Texas betting apps will all have similar features in common and we are going to run through some of the keys to a strong user experience on iOS or Android betting apps. Below are the top eight most important features of a betting site app, from welcome bonuses to payment options and competitive odds.

Easy to Use

Ever load up a betting site, open the app and struggle to find what you are looking for? Sports betting sites should make sure that they have a clear and concise layout with all areas of the app easy to find. The most important games of the day should be clearly displayed on the homepage when you turn on the app. The menu bars should be right in front of you and succinctly lay out all the sports, promos like the welcome bonus, and important pages of the sports betting sites. The best sports betting apps in Texas will adhere to these criteria to make it easy and joyful for the user.

Great Promotions

One of the first things Texas sports bettors will be looking out for on their TX sports betting apps is the welcome bonus. The bigger the welcome bonus the better. Extra mobile betting bonuses are also key and the more promos we can take advantage of when betting in Texas, the more value we get. This means our bottom line over time will read much better. The welcome bonus and ongoing promotions are key when looking for an app for betting in Texas.

Betting Options

Moneyline, totals, and spreads are the bread and butter of all the Texas sportsbooks. But when regulated sports betting is live online in the Lone Star State, we want as many options as we can get in terms of bet type and sporting markets. The best sports betting app will incorporate futures betting, strong parlay options, including same-game parlays, prop betting markets, and more. We'll be able to bet novelty markets and wager on a wide variety of sports including all the popular NFL betting markets. A strong live betting product is also a must for the best sports betting apps in Texas.

Competitive Odds

Competitive odds are a must for anyone looking at Texas betting apps. Line shopping is a term you should become familiar with, and it means checking out the odds at different operators before you wager. Why back the Dallas Cowboys at -110 when you can get them +120 at other Texas sportsbook apps? Some operators will compile odds in-house, and some will import them from consultancy companies, so there can be a range of odds available across different sports and markets. 

Banking Options

The more banking and payment options the better. We can usually deposit instantly for all methods but limits may differ. Withdrawal procedure is the same, but it can take more time to process withdrawals using various different methods. Having the ability to move funds around quickly and use your mobile phone or device to deposit and withdraw with a few clicks is a big advantage. Make sure your Texas betting apps accept Ewallets like PayPal, EcoPayz or Interac.

Payout Speed

We all want to collect our winnings as quickly and as easily as possible. As above, the more payment methods we have on hand the better. Pick a Texas sportsbook app where we can get paid easily and process time for withdrawals is quick.

Customer Support

It's unlikely to all be smooth sailing from the day we register a Texas sportsbook account so if we encounter a problem, it's nice to have friendly and efficient customer support staff to deal with. This is a nice bonus feature of certain betting sites in Texas. Most sites will provide a comprehensive FAQ section but if we need to go on the live chat, we want to deal with personnel who know sports betting and will help us solve our query as quickly and efficiently as possible. 


We all want to be safe and secure when betting online in Texas. Two-factor authentication and standard SSL encryption are the latest in security and added protection for your personal information and data. Password protection is also available on some Texas sportsbooks apps. Two-factor authentication is when a user provides a password and a second form of signing in, like a fingerprint or facial recognition.

Tips To Stay Safe When Using Texas Sportsbook Apps

As alluded to, safety and security for clients is of the utmost importance when offering a sportsbook product and account. Here are some tips for the bettor to stay safe:

Enhanced Security 

Not all sites will use two-factor authentication and or password protection for safety reasons. Most will use the standard SSL tech but it's important to know what you are dealing with when signing up for a Texas sports betting account. Stick with us here for all the best sportsbook app reviews.

Change Your Password Regularly

Just in case there are guys out there trying to manipulate your data, it's no harm to be on the safe side. We can do things to help ourselves in this area like change our passwords regularly. Some Texas betting sites will offer password protection which allows us to reset our password.

Pay Through Secure Methods

Payment methods are vital when we have online sportsbook accounts and the more the better. If we want to make sure we are depositing and withdrawing through the safest means possible, we can research the payment methods our sports betting apps use and make sure we are happy. We can transfer funds to the eWallets like PayPal if we want to separate our bankroll from our life roll, and in the event of something unlikely happening, at least we won't take as big a hit.

Always log out of our accounts 

It might sound obvious but it's quite easy for us to get lazy in respect of logging in and out of our online betting accounts. This is especially so for bettors who own multiple accounts. If we remain logged in, we are opening ourselves up to potential hackers and attackers, so always log out when you are finished your sports betting session.

Set deposit and spending limits

Most of us won't need this but it's good to have deposit limits and spending limits in place just in case. We can all have a bad day, whether it's life itself getting us down or we are having a bad run in our sports betting. Negative emotions can lead to bad habits while betting so if we have spending limits in place it will safeguard us against this type of behavior.

Bet Responsibly With Texas Sportsbook Apps

If you or someone you know has a gambling problem and need help, call the phoneline at the bottom of the website or betting app. Click into the responsible gambling section and access the links and resources on site. Remember to bet only what you can afford to lose and stay within your means. Set spending limits and deposit limits. The office of the Texas Attorney general will regulate sports betting in Texas when it goes live, and betting sites will form a sports betting alliance with them. Players 21 years of age and older will likely be able to bet on all the popular US sports, but probably not on local college sports teams.

Prepare To Bet With Texas Sports Betting Apps

Texas sports betting apps are on the rise. We've given you the low down on exactly what to look for to find the best mobile apps and we rate them in our review. From welcome bonuses, betting odds and markets, to player safety and security, we cover it all. We give you the heads up on what to watch out for.

The Lone Star state will offer all the best sports betting site apps in good time, and we want ours to have as many of the best features as possible available for us to maximize our value as sports bettors. A mobile app will enhance our Texas sports betting experience, so make sure to comb our review carefully to find the best possible and most suitable TX mobile betting apps for you.

Texas Sports Betting Apps FAQs


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