Texas Is Among the Best States to Adopt a Dog

Fact Checked by Michael Peters

Everything is bigger in Texas, so it stands to reason the Lone Star State would have the most dog rescue groups in the nation. When it comes to finding a place to adopt a dog, chances are good you’ve got several to choose from in your area.

BetTexas.com took a break from covering Texas sports betting issues and used data from RescueMe.org to find the number of dog rescue groups and adoption agencies in every state. Then, we ranked each state by how many rescue organizations they had per square mile.

States with Most Dog Rescues per Square Mile

RankState# Dog Rescue GroupsRescues per Sq. Mile
1Rhode Island920.059551165
3New Jersey3480.039896453
7New Hampshire1090.011658801
11North Carolina4580.00850998
16New York4050.007423704
17South Carolina2340.007307821
23West Virginia1120.004622361

Texas Has Lots of Choices to Find New Dog

Because state is so big (although that hasn’t helped get Texas betting apps approved yet) it ranks way down at No. 24 on the number of dog rescues per square mile, but it has far and away the most places with 1,030. Just about every good-sized town in Texas has an animal shelter, and there also are a lot of well-run dog rescue groups around the state. 

CharityPaws.com compiled a list of the 13 best places around Texas, so that’s a great place to start to see if one of those is close to you.

The price for adoption will vary depending on location as well as the size and age of the dog. Some places, such as Small Chance Rescue in Austin, have a flat $200 adoption fee. At the Legacy Humane Society in McKinney, it costs $275 for dogs 6 months and older and puppies less than 6 months cost $325. 

Every place is a little different on the cost, so it would be good to check around. A lot of shelters offer a military veteran discount, and there are some with programs for seniors who adopt older dogs. Most of the shelters receive no funding, so they operate solely on money they raise from sales and from donations. 

Some basic rules for adopting a dog in Texas are that you must be 21 and live in a place that allows pets. You’ll likely be asked to show proof the animal is accepted if you live in an apartment or prove home ownership.


Douglas Pils

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