Is Texas Among States Most Interested In Valentine’s Day Ideas?

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It’s the season of love, where chocolates, flowers, and teddy bears are exchanged as tokens of affection. Among these charming gestures, the true highlight of the celebration lies in the thoughtful date ideas one brings to life on Valentine’s Day.

Romantic dates at restaurants are commonly considered the norm, but do not let that limit your choices. So we at, where you’ll find the latest information about efforts to legalize Texas sports betting, also took time to figure out which states are exploring unique and unconventional options for a truly memorable day on Feb. 14.

We dug into Google Trends to discover and rank the top 10 states most interested in ideas for Valentine’s Day this year. We measured it by seeing how often people typed in “Valentine’s Day Ideas” as a search phrase. These conclusions were measured between Dec. 25, 2023, and Jan. 25, 2024.

A well-planned dinner would be the heavy favorite for the most popular date idea on Valentine’s Day, had it been a market offered by a hypothetical Texas sports betting apps operator. But many folks in the following states would much rather rely on the internet’s help to discover alternative options.

States Most Interested In Valentine’s Day Ideas

Rank State Search Interest
1. Illinois 100
2. Massachusetts 83
3. Ohio 68
T4. California 33
T4. Texas 33
T4. New York 33
7. New Jersey 27
8. Pennsylvania 25
9. North Carolina 24
10. Florida 22

Texas Tied For Fourth In Valentine’s Day Interest

Texas is tied for fourth among the states most interested in ideas for Valentine’s Day, registering 33 search interest points (measured on a scale based on interest compared to other topics). That left the Lone Star State even with two other huge states, California and New York. Those three states stand just above New Jersey (27), Pennsylvania (25), North Carolina (24, and Florida (22).

Illinois takes the crown as the state most interested in Valentine’s Day date ideas, with 100 search interest points. Following behind are Massachusetts (83) and Ohio (68).

Within Texas, the internet presents various top searches that might become ideas for an interesting time out on the annual special day for couples. These include exploring Fort Worth’s Botanic Garden, enjoying a horseback tour in Denton, strolling along San Antonio’s River Walk, or stargazing at Big Ben National Park.

For couples anticipating a date with beach-like warmth, the perfect option would be sunbathing at Padre Island National Seashore. A romantic dinner will be the popular choice, but adding these diverse options can elevate Valentine’s Day into a memorable experience.

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