Are The Cowboys One Of The Best NFL Teams In December?

Are The Cowboys One Of The Best NFL Teams In December?
Fact Checked by Nate Hamilton

The Dallas Cowboys improved to 7-3 on the year after taking care of business with a Sunday smackdown in Carolina, beating the Panthers 33-10. Now owning the top wild card spot in the NFC, the Cowboys playoff chances are firmly in the crosshairs for Dallas. But can Dak Prescott and the rest of the ‘Boys finish strong and secure their third straight post-season appearance?

Luckily for Cowboy fans, over the past decade, Dallas has been amongst the best NFL teams in the month of December.

With the all-important final full month of the season on deck, decided to see how the Dallas Cowboys compare to the rest of the NFL when it comes to their performance in December over the past decade. Using we found the records of each team and ranked them based on win percentage.

NFL Team Records in the Month of December

Below would be some great insight to utilize if Texas betting apps were legal. Either way, here is a list of all 32 NFL teams and how well they have performed in the month of December since 2013.

Rank Team Record Win%
1 Green Bay Packers 32-9 .780
2 Kansas City Chiefs 34-10 .773
3 Dallas Cowboys 28-14 .667
4 Pittsburgh Steelers 29-15 .659
5 Baltimore Ravens 27-17 .614
6 Philadelphia Eagles 25-17 .595
7 Seattle Seahawks 26-18 .591
8 New England Patriots 25-18 .581
9 San Francisco 49ers 25-19 .568
10 New Orleans Saints 23-18 .561
11 Buffalo Bills 23-20 .535
12 Indianapolis Colts 22-20 .524
T-13 Los Angeles Rams 23-21 .523
T-13 Cincinnati Bengals 23-21 .523
T-13 Los Angeles Chargers 23-21 .523
16 Minnesota Vikings 23-22 .511
17 Miami Dolphins 22-22 .500
18 Carolina Panthers 20-21 .487
19 Atlanta Falcons 20-22 .476
20 Denver Broncos 21-24 .467
21 Arizona Cardinals 20-23 .465
22 Detroit Lions 18-24 .429
23 Tennessee Titans 18-25 .419
24 New York Jets 18-27 .400
25 Tampa Bay Buccaneers 17-26 .395
26 Chicago Bears 16-26 .381
27 New York Giants 16-27-1 .375
T-28 Las Vegas Raiders 16-27 .372
T-28 Houston Texans 16-27 .372
30 Jacksonville Jaguars 15-29 .341
31 Washington Commanders 13-28-1 .321
32 Cleveland Browns 11-31 .262

Dallas Dominates in December

Cowboy fans must have been very nice over the past decade, because Santa Claus has definitely treated them right. In the month of December, Dallas has gone 28-14, boasting a .667 win percentage — third best in the NFL. Only the Green Bay Packers (.780) and Kansas City Chiefs (.773) have a better December win percentage over the last ten years. 

But it’s going to be tough to keep the holiday spirt bright with the gauntlet of opponents the Cowboys will have to face next month. They don’t have a single game all month against a team with a losing record.

Dallas’ first December game will see them face-off against the Philadelphia Eagles at home. When the two division rivals met earlier this season, the high-flying Eagles — who currently sit atop the NFC at 8-1 — earned the 23-28 victory. It’s pretty much a must-win game for Dallas if they want to capture NFC East.

Next the Cowboys head to Buffalo for a Week 15 showdown with the 6-5 Buffalo Bills. After firing their OC Ken Dorsey a week ago, the Bills bounced back on Sunday with a 32-6 beat-down on the lowly New York Jets.

In Week 16, the Cowboys will travel south for another clash against the AFC East, taking on the 7-3 Miami Dolphins. It will be a tough test for the stout Dallas Defense, as Miami currently paces the NFL in total points — led by MVP candidate Tua Tagovailoa and dynamic wide out Tyreek Hill.

Finally, on December 30th, the Detroit Lions will visit AT&T stadium for a Week 17 match-up. At 8-2, and sitting comfortably at the top of the NFC North, Detroit look like a serious super bowl contender for the first time since Hall of Fame running back Barry Sanders donned a Lions uniform. 

Although the month of December will a tough stretch for the Cowboys, if they can make it through while still holding onto a playoff spot, Dallas fans will be toasting the team with champagne to the Cowboys Super Bowl odds this New Year’s Eve.



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