Texans Offensive Line Among NFL’s Most Overrated Last Season

Texans Offensive Line Among NFL’s Most Overrated Last Season
Fact Checked by Thomas Leary

Few NFL franchises have slid farther than the Houston Texans over the past few years, going from perennial playoff team to leaguewide also-ran in the span of three seasons.  

One reason why the Texans have fallen on hard times is the productivity (or lack thereof) from the team’s offensive line, which bore a large responsibility for the team’s 30th-ranked offense in terms of points per game a year ago.  Perhaps the arrival of new coach DeMeco Ryans and rookies CJ Stroud and Will Anderson will change the tide for the franchise across future Texas sports betting sites, but the offensive line remains an issue.

To get a sense of where the Texans’ line ranked versus their NFL peers, BetTexas.com utilized Pro-Football-Reference.com to gather the total amount of sacks allowed by team. The team with the least sacks allowed were awarded 32 points down to 1 point for the team with the most sacks allowed. 

We then gathered the approximate value of each offensive line unit (only 10 offensive line members with most games played) via Pro-Football-Reference.com. Once again, we awarded 32 points for the team with most approximate value to 1 point for least approximate value.  

Once getting a total points for each team, we divided the Spotrac.com’s cap hit from 2022-23 season for the total 10 offensive line members over the total points for the two above categories. We were then given the amount of salary paid per points given to arrive at our NFL offensive line units ranked 1st to 32nd based on value.  

NFL’s Most Overvalued Offensive Lines

RankTeamPoint TotalO-Line Cap Hit$$ Per Point Total
32 Indianapolis Colts 8$40,736,011$5,092,001
31 Denver Broncos 8$40,388,867$5,048,608
30 Los Angeles Rams 6$16,255,031$2,709,172
29 Tennessee Titans 11$28,152,022$2,559,275
28 New York Jets 18$41,702,565$2,316,809
27 Arizona Cardinals 20$41,627,217$2,081,361
26 Washington Commanders14$27,904,356$1,993,168
25 Houston Texans 48$37,225,167$1,772,627
24 New York Giants 23$27,387,909$1,089,293
23 Baltimore Ravens 35$31,529,483$710,443

Texans O-Line Among NFL’s Worst Per Dollar Spent In 2022-23

The Texans, despite their league-worst 3-13-1 record a year ago, finished last year ranked 25th in terms of dollars per point total, at $1,772,627.

That’s mostly due to the fact that Houston only spent $37,225,167 in salary cap space on the unit, however, ranking sixth out of the league’s bottom 10 units.  

Still, the 21 points earned by the Houston O-line last year was the third highest total of the bottom third of the league, behind the New York Giants’ 23 and the Baltimore Ravens total of 35.  

That won’t provide much of a salve for a franchise that’s posted a 11-38-1 (.220) record over the last three years, though at least there’s something to build off in the Space City for 2023 and beyond.  



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